A listing of the key contacts within the Parish…

If you would like to find out more about a particular group please contact the Parish Office

Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Finance Council

  • Chairperson: James Bokenham
  • Secretary: Mary Jennings
Alpha series
  • In Hiatus
Baptism Team
  • Contact: Paula Potts
Catholic Women’s League
  • Contact: Kay Glover
  • Co-ordinator: Therese McQuade
Cemetery Committee
  • Chairperson: Terry & Wendy Nunan
Charismatic Prayer Group
  • Contact: Paul Farrugia
Hospitality Team
  • Contact: Paula Potts
Josephite Associates
  • In Hiatus
Legion of Mary
  • Contact: Tom Hawker

Life Ascending

  • Contact: Elizabeth Gill

Liturgy Team

  • Contact Parish Office
Money Counters
  • Contact: James Bokenham
Music & Choir
  • Contact: Catriona Nunan
Messy Church
  • In Hiatus

RCIA (Catechumenate)

  • Contact: Parish Office

Sacramental Team

  • Contact: Therese McQuade
Social Justice Committee
  • In  Hiatus
St Vincent de Paul
  • Contact: Hugh Kennedy

Liturgical Ministries
Contact Parish Office for more information

  • Acolytes & Adult Servers
  • Altar Servers (children in Year 4 and older)
  • Car Park attendants (Large Events)
  • Computer Operator
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • First Aid & Fire Wardens
  • KidsChurch / Children’s Liturgy
  • Money Collectors
  • Readers
  • Sacristans & Linen Group
  • Welcomers/Greeters

Pastoral Care of the aged and sick, including Communion to the sick.

  • Please inform the Parish Office if someone is sick and would like to receive Holy Communion at home or in an Aged Care facility / Hospital.